How to Turn Your Water Off

Emergency Shut-Off



This number is FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY no payment arrangements or other general office questions will be answered, nor calls returned regarding any non-emergency situations.



Locate your meter box. Typically it is in the front yard by the road. Figure 1 shows what typical meter boxes look like.

 Figure 1

Meter Lids

Remove the lid to expose the water meter. There is a valve on the meter, typically it is on the far side away from your home. There are two types that look similar, but shut off in different positions. Figure 2 shows the types of valves in the ON position.

Figure 2

On Position

To turn your water off you will need a meter wrench which you can get at most hardware stores, or you can use an adjustable wrench which is a little more difficult to use due to the lack of room.

Figure 3 will show all valves in the OFF position. The valve on the left in Box 2 has been turned 90 degrees clockwise and is now off. The valve in Box 1 and on the right in Box 2 has been turned just short of 180 degrees clockwise to the off position.

 Figure 3

Off Position

With age the valves can become stiff making them more difficult to turn. Be cautious when turning the valve on or off, because they are made of soft metal and can be broken if turned the wrong direction and could result in a leak or damage to the valve.

These valves are to be used only in an emergency to turn the water off to fix a leak in your home. After you fix your leak and turn the water back on, they are to be left in the full on position. Valves are NOT to be used for daily use or in an attempt to regulate water pressure.

District suggests you put a shut-off valve on the outside of the meter box for your personal use.

If you believe your valve is damaged or has become seized, please call Rural Water District #14 at (918) 962-3421.