New Service Request

Establish, Terminate or Transfer Service

What do I do to get new water service where there has never been service before?

  • First you need to contact the office to be sure we have service available in your area.
  • An Application for Water Service must be completed and turned into the District office.
  • A copy of your Deed must be provided with your Application.
  • A copy of your photo ID must be provided with your Application.
  • In the event this is new construction, a copy of the DEQ Perc test must be provided with the Application. If service is to a mobile home, a copy of the DEQ Final Inspection MUST be provided before the meter is set. If the water service is to an existing dwelling or business, and the septic system has been in place for over one year, advise office and a walk-over inspection will be performed.
  • If District’s water line does not currently cross the property where meter is to be set, customer will have to give District an easement, which will be recorded with the County Clerk.
  • All tap fees and deposits have to be paid prior to any work being done.
  • Taps requiring a Road Bore or extra footage will have an additional fee. Ask office for current rates for extra footage or road bores, as this fluctuates with materials costs. The costs for the road bore or extra footage will be billed to customer after work is completed and must be paid within thirty (30) days of receipt of such bill. Customer will also be required to sign an EMP form.
  • Once the box is set and the meter is installed, a minimum bill will be charged whether or not customer has connected his service line to the meter.



Transfer fee/Service Charge $35.00

The Transfer Fee/Service Charge is used when there is any change in status of an account, such as new owner, new renter, etc. This is a non-refundable fee.

Meter Test (If meter tests correct) $75.00 plus postage
Pressure Regulator Available to customer at District’s cost

What do I do if, selling or moving to or from property in RWD #14 service area

If you are selling or moving, you need to call the office to make arrangements to have your service disconnected and taken out of your name. Contact information such as forwarding address and contact phone numbers will be required, as well as the date you want service discontinued in your name. After the meter is read, your final bill will be figured and paid from your deposit. If your deposit is insufficient to cover the final amount, a bill will be sent to you. If your deposit is larger than the final bill, any balance remaining after the final bill is paid will be refunded to your forwarding address.

If you are buying, after you close, you need to come by the office and bring a copy of your deed. (A copy of the signed deed may be obtained at closing from your closing agent. For our purposes it does not need to be recorded but must be a signed copy.) You will fill out a Transfer of Membership, pay your deposit and service charge. We will also need a copy of your photo ID. This needs to be done as soon as possible after closing to avoid a disruption in water service.

If you are renting, you will need to have one of District’s Rental Forms signed by your landlord click here for form. You will bring this signed form to our office. We will get your contact information, a copy of your photo ID and the service charge of $35.00. If your landlord requires a security deposit, this is between you and the landlord. All water deposits go in landlord’s name, regardless of who pays the deposit.